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Pioneering services in

ETAP-Lab has in-depth expertise in producing in vivo proof of the efficacy of naturally derived products having potential health benefits. ETAP-Lab was the first French preclinical services company to position itself on this market, and has been testing innovative functional foods and ingredients for 25 years now.

A proven track record

ETAP-Lab conducted more than 500 studies for 100 clients worldwide, playing a pivotal role for products currently on the market. A total of 70 scientific publications attest to our strong expertise.

Expertise and consultancy for targeting health claims

In partnership with CEN Nutriment, ETAP-Lab offers expert evaluation of your scientific case and advises you on building an optimized R&D project targeting health claims.

A broad portfolio of models customized for functional food/ingredient testing

ETAP-Lab has one of the broadest portfolios of models available in the fields of brain health, metabolism, inflammation and skin health. ETAP-Lab provides original and gold standard models specifically customized for testing functional foods/ingredients.

Our rodent models
by area of expertise


ETAP-Lab conducts preclinical trials in the field of general metabolism and metabolic disorders related to malnutrition, age and gender (excess weight, diabetes, cystitis, prostatic hyperplasia, etc). ETAP-Lab also offers to evaluate natural ingredient beneficial effects on ageing and on the prevention of various types of chemoinduced cancers. ETAP-Lab models can be customized for the evaluation of preventive or curative effects of the products tested.

Inflammation / Gut Health

ETAP-Lab evaluates the efficacy of products and ingredients of natural origin on the organism’s immune response when confronted with a microbial infection or a pro-inflammatory attack. ETAP-Lab offers rodent models for general inflammation, or the specific inflammation of certain organs – and in particular, models of intestinal inflammation. Several of these models are original and were developed in rodents at the specific request of clients, among others Gut Health models.


ETAP-Lab provides toxicity studies for food-ingredients, functional foods, and novel foods. Following OECD and US-EPA guidelines, toxicity studies are managed by a senior toxicologist. ETAP-Lab is certified ISO 9001: 2008 for toxicity study realization, as well as consulting, advising and expertise in toxicology.

Skin Health

ETAP-Lab has strong expertise in the field of dermatology research and has developed one of the widest portfolio of original in vivo models. ETAP-Lab has 25 years of market knowledge and recurrent clients amongst Nutrition companies.

Brain Health

ETAP-Lab has an expertise – born of 25 years’ experience in the field of measurement of rodent behaviour – which it applies to evaluation of the beneficial effects of many products such as ingredients of natural origin, on brain health.

Preclinical studies
the indispensable milestone for innovation in health-nutrition

Though the functional foods market is constantly growing, both customers and regulatory authorities are asking for more extended scientific demonstrations of efficacy and innocuity. ETAP-Lab preclinical services support your product development.

Scientific demonstration of efficacy and innocuity

Perequisite for clinical studies

  • Proof-of-concept
  • Dose and treatment protocol estimation
  • Adaptation to the target population

Using data to strenghthen scientific case

  • In support of the marketing and business pitch
  • In support of health claims
  • To obtain novel food authorization