December 2019

Created in 2017, the STROK@LLIANCE brand has quickly built a reputation for quality and success in the field of preclinical services in neurology. It is a real pleasure for us to see our brand building value. Having already secured trademark protection in Europe, ETAP-Lab is proud to announce that the Japanese patent office has now approved our application to register the STROK@LLIANCE trademark. We decided to include an image of the official document because, in addition to its legal value, it is beautifully

ETAP-Lab was honoured to be among Nexira’s guests last week at the Printemps Haussmann Coupole in Paris, attending the launch party for its new inavea™ range - the first sustainable, organic ingredients brand with distinctive and proven health benefits. Starting in 2020 with inavea pure acacia, an all-natural dietary fiber sourced from carefully selected acacia trees, Nexira offers a high digestive tolerance and a prebiotic effect. Preclinical studies conducted by ETAP-Lab have proven the health benefits of other products on offer from