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ETAP-Lab is pleased to announce the upgrade of the ISO 9001 certification, this time based on the latest version of the standard from 2015. Through an internal and external Audit of the OFC (the French Certification Organization): quality assurance, control and monitoring procedures have been carried out to attest to the quality of our services. By being accredited, our company is insuring the customers to meet their expectations by the quality of its management system in the following areas: consulting, advising and expertise of studies

Jean-François Bisson, Head of the Department of Dermatology at ETAP-Lab, was present last week at the 18th Global Dermatology Congress in Budapest, Hungary. Researchers from Europe but also from other non-European countries (USA, India, Jordan, Indonesia…) participated to this congress as well. Therefore, most recent advances have been presented concerning the diagnosis and the treatment of several pathologies including wound healing, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, facial rejuvenation and skin bleaching. A focus on the use of bioengineered skin for preclinical and clinical

The position: ETAP-Lab invites applications for an exciting young researcher permanent position in research and development of a new models in neurodegenerative disease. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative research environment with academical interactions. The first two years, the candidate will be dedicated to the project BIOPROLOR2*; it is a public-private consortium which aims at discovering new plant-derived molecules with health benefits to speed up the development of innovative drugs and active ingredients. ETAP-Lab leads the strategic axis of

ETAP-Lab (Dr Nicolas Violle, President and CEO) is a well-established CRO, with more than 25 years of market knowledge. ESRP is the offshoot of the highly-recognized INSERM unit “Physiopathology and Imaging of Neurological Disorders” (PhIND; Pr. Denis Vivien, Head of the unit). The new platform STROK@LLIANCE is fully dedicated to preclinical stroke in order to address mechanisms, diagnostics and therapeutics in stroke. STROK@LLIANCE manages projects in the field of stroke for the pharmaceutical industry with high-skilled specialists ensuring expertise and creativity to provide high-level animal studies in a

Publication of a new article written by ETAP-Lab evaluating the effects of green algae  on anxiety and depression : “Evaluation of the antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like effects of a hydrophilic extract from the green seaweed Ulva sp. in rats”, Nutr Neurosci. 2017 Jan 19:1-9. PMID:28102110

Launch of STROK@LLIANCE, the new preclinical platform resulting from the alliance of the academic Experimental Stroke Research Platform (ESRP) and the well-established CRO ETAP-Lab. For half a day, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, researchers, specialists in preclinical and clinical trials, will give you an overview of stroke etiology, current acute management practices and animal modeling. Next, they will discuss with you during a debate: "The transition from preclinical drug to clinical drug for stroke: What are the essential information for clinicians about pharmacology issues?"