Nexira invites trusted service provider ETAP-Lab to its inavea™ launch

ETAP-Lab was honoured to be among Nexira’s guests last week at the Printemps Haussmann Coupole in Paris, attending the launch party for its new inavea™ range – the first sustainable, organic ingredients brand with distinctive and proven health benefits.
Starting in 2020 with inavea pure acacia, an all-natural dietary fiber sourced from carefully selected acacia trees, Nexira offers a high digestive tolerance and a prebiotic effect.
Preclinical studies conducted by ETAP-Lab have proven the health benefits of other products on offer from Nexira, world leader in acacia. Nexira has been able to develop a range of products for weight management – such as CactiNea™, combining prickly pear and acacia for a diuretic effect, and ID-alG™, a brown seaweed extract for weight loss, thanks to several preclinical studies performed by ETAP-Lab and published in international scientific journals (Bisson et al., 2010; Terpend et al., 2012).

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