septembre 2021

We'd like to take the opportunity, on World Alzheimer's Day, to revisit the models ETAP-Lab makes available to the scientific community for use in the search for new therapies to fight this disease.   Building on strong neurosurgery and behavioural analysis expertise, ETAP-Lab has developed a new model of Alzheimer's disease, using human beta-amyloid peptide oligomers (hABO). Derived from a unique know-how, hABOs induce reproducible memory deficits in the elderly mouse, correlated with alterations in neurobiological markers characteristic of AD. In comparison

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition affecting 4% of the population worldwide. It affects all age groups, regardless of sex. Over the past 30 years, the number of diagnosed cases in industrialised countries has tripled. Characterised by dry skin and severe pruritus, this pruritic dermatosis causes major discomfort, leading to itching and even skin lesions. Other than by recourse to treatments such as the corticosteroids used to reduce skin inflammation in atopic dermatitis, pruritus management continues to be a challenging task, even