mai 2024

🔬 We wanted to share with you one of our cell image that shows primary cortical rat neurons (DIV14) stained for PSD-95 (synapses) in green, MAP2 (dendrites) in red and DAPI (nuclei) in blue. Each little green dot shows an active synapse happening between two neurons! 🧠Ahmad Allouche, one of our in vitro expert, explains: "About the synaptic degeneration mechanism, it occurs early in neurodegenerative diseases and correlates with cognitive decline. Increased levels of synaptic proteins have been detected in the CSF

ETAP-Lab, including its brands SYNCROSOME and STROK@LLIANCE, will attend the upcoming 2024 BIO International Convention on next June 3 - 6, 2024, in San Diego, California for partnering opportunities. This annual BIO International Convention, hosted by Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), is the world’s largest industry gathering, bringing together thousands of global biotechnology and biopharmaceutical leaders.   🎯 Our broad offering, tailored to your challenges You look forward accelerating the development of your drugs and/or medical devices in Dermatology, Neurology, Gastroenterology or Cardiology thanks to preclinical studies