Evidence for an antihypertensive effect of a land snail (Helix aspersa) by-product hydrolysate – Identification of involved peptides

Cudennec B, Violle N, Chataigné G, Drevet P, Bisson JF, Dhulster P, Ravallec R. - 2016, Journal of Functional Foods, 22:602-611

The antihypertensive potential of a land snail by-product hydrolysate (SBH), obtained after an industrial treatment of the raw material, was studied in vitro and in vivo. The ACE inhibitory activity of SBH was characterised by an IC50 value of 23 µg⋅mL−1, which was not affected by in vitro digestion. SBH enhanced the Caco-2 intestinal cell metabolic activity and did not induce any toxicity in Wistar rats. The partial purification of SBH led to the obtainment of an active fraction characterised by an IC50 of 0.007 µg⋅mL−1. The sequences of the 17 most abundant peptides of the fraction were identified by LC/MS/MS analysis. Seven of them (YG, YA, VY, SF, FG, GF and VW) are known ACE inhibitory peptides. Finally, in vivo study on SHR rats showed that SBH significantly reduced systolic blood pressure. SBH represents therefore a new candidate as an ingredient for the design of functional foods against hypertension.