May 2017

ETAP-Lab (Dr Nicolas Violle, President and CEO) is a well-established CRO, with more than 25 years of market knowledge. ESRP is the offshoot of the highly-recognized INSERM unit “Physiopathology and Imaging of Neurological Disorders” (PhIND; Pr. Denis Vivien, Head of the unit). The new platform STROK@LLIANCE is fully dedicated to preclinical stroke in order to address mechanisms, diagnostics and therapeutics in stroke. STROK@LLIANCE manages projects in the field of stroke for the pharmaceutical industry with high-skilled specialists ensuring expertise and creativity to provide high-level animal studies in a

Publication of a new article written by ETAP-Lab evaluating the effects of green algae  on anxiety and depression : “Evaluation of the antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like effects of a hydrophilic extract from the green seaweed Ulva sp. in rats”, Nutr Neurosci. 2017 Jan 19:1-9. PMID:28102110

Launch of STROK@LLIANCE, the new preclinical platform resulting from the alliance of the academic Experimental Stroke Research Platform (ESRP) and the well-established CRO ETAP-Lab. For half a day, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, researchers, specialists in preclinical and clinical trials, will give you an overview of stroke etiology, current acute management practices and animal modeling. Next, they will discuss with you during a debate: "The transition from preclinical drug to clinical drug for stroke: What are the essential information for clinicians about pharmacology issues?"

Dr Nicolas VIOLLE is the executive partner of STROK@LLIANCE, the new preclinical platform resulting from the alliance of the public Experimental Stroke Research Platform (ESRP; Université de Caen Normandie) and the well-established French private CRO, ETAP-Lab. He will participate to ESOC 2017 in order to meet players in the pharmaceutical industry and to promote STROK@LLIANCE the only CRO 100% dedicated to Preclinical Stroke Research. Contact

In order to strenghten its leading position on preclinical expertise in the field of Dermatology, ETAP-Lab finalizes the development of a model of atopic dermatitis in BALB/c mice using the chemical agent DNCB. This model will shortly be added to ETAP-Lab’s catalog in order to test new active compounds against this pathology. For more information please contact us.