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ETAP-Cell: New in vitro services in Neurology

ETAP-Lab launches a new in vitro pharmacology activity in the field of proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases

ETAP-Lab proudly announces the launch of ETAP-Cell: a new in vitro pharmacology activity in the field of proteopathic neurodegenerative diseases. The creation of this activity has been made possible by the recruitment of Dr Ahmad Allouche (former Head of Biology at SynAging) who is placing his unique expertise in the solubilization and stabilization of oligomeric proteins (AβO, αSO and TauO) at the disposal of ETAP-Lab.

As a first step, ETAP-Cell will focus on validating the reproducibility of its tests on cultures of primary rat neurons. The initial results are expected in May 2019.

The implementation of other models using other preparations (αS fibrils, TDP43 oligomers) will follow. At the same time, corresponding tests will be validated in vivo in mice.

In the medium term, in vitro tests in the fields of stroke and multiple sclerosis are also planned, to complement the unique and outstanding in vivo services offered by ETAP-Lab – thanks in particular to the public/private partnerships it has established with internationally renowned academic research teams.

Until then, the ETAP-Lab team is receptive to hearing about your needs and expectations, the better to integrate these into the solutions being developed.

With ETAP-Cell, ETAP-Lab is expanding its range of preclinical services, while maintaining the concern for quality and advice for which it is so well-respected. Our objective is also to participate in the ongoing collective effort within the pharmaceutical industry to offer models having high translational value, while reducing the number of animals used for experimentation. This is why ETAP-Lab already plans to invest in the development of innovative tests based on human pluripotent stem cell cultures (h-IPSCs). N. VIOLLE, CEO

culture neuron ETAP-cell