Our tau oligomer toxicity – a new tool for drug screening

The toxicity of the tau oligomers produced by ETAP-Lab can be reversed by using BDNF on primary rat neuron cultures.

BNDF applied at the same time as tau oligomers significantly and reproducibly reduced cell mortality.


Incubation of cortical neurons with Tau monomers, TauO and TauO+BDNFTauO decreased quite significantly cell viability (*; p<0.01), while monomers showed no neurotoxic effect. Incubation with BDNF significantly reversed TauO-induced neurotoxicity (#; p<0.01). Data are expressed as percent of vehicle (set at 100%) and represent the mean ± SD. (N=3, n=12).


This tauopathy model is now available for the screening of your compounds. This enhances our range of in vitro services in the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

Characterization of our model will continue with an exploration of the effects of tau oligomers on different signalling pathways.

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