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ETAP has been working for pharmaceutical and agrofood industries worldwide for 20 years - History

ETAP-Lab is an independent Contract Research Organization providing preclinical research services and scientific expertise to the Pharmaceutical and Agro-Food industries. Our activity focuses on In Vivo models of pathologies and toxicology studies in rodents to support drug and nutraceutic development for our sponsors.

Since the foundation in 1991, ETAP-Lab's Scientists have acquired an in-depth expertise in pathology modeling with rodents. By respecting rodent chronobiology and natural behaviors, ETAP-Lab proposes research models with added translational value. All our models are customizable and original specific models can be set-up and validated on request.


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Poster presentation to the 4th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota

Poster presentation to the 4th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota Presentation of a poster co-written by ETAP-Lab with PiLeJe in the...

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ETAP-Lab associates with MIRCen to perform a MRI translationnal study in stroke

ETAP-Lab is pleased to announce a 12-month collaboration with the MIRCen imaging platform directed by Pr. Philippe Hantraye (French Atomic...

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From preclinic to clinic: CEN Nutriment and ETAP-Lab new partnership for a global offer to health-nutrition R&D

The complementary experience shared by both societies allows to elaborate a consistent R&D program for your product, from proof of...

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