October 2020

ETAP-Lab a is expanding and recruiting a new employee for STROK@LLIANCE: there is a new Laboratory technician – Research assistant position available at STROK@LLIANCE(Caen, FRANCE). Please find here the If you fit to this profile, please contact us at recruitment@etap-lab.com Un nouveau poste de technicien de laboratoire – assistant de recherche est ouvert chez STROK@ALLIANCE (Caen, FRANCE). La description du poste est disponible

The new tau oligomers produced by ETAP-Lab show reproducible and dose-dependent toxicity on rodent primary neuron cultures. Promising and repeatedly replicated data show that tau oligomers exhibit dose-dependent toxicity that is not observed with equivalent monomer concentrations. At high concentrations, the oligomers completely destabilise the neurons, leading to a rapid mortality rate of 100%.     Now that the main technical obstacles have been overcome, a validated model for pharmacological screening should be ready soon. The next step is to evaluate some reference compounds.

ETAP-Lab will be attending BIO-Japan 2020 as part of the Business France virtual French pavilion. We are delighted to have this unprecedented opportunity to reach out to the Japanese market. We will be at BIO Japan 2020 throughout, from 14 to 16 October. Our experts Dr. Jean-François Bisson (VP) and Dr. Nicolas Violle (CEO) will be there to introduce you to the laboratory's activities in preclinical Neurology, Dermatology and Nutrition-Health. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a video conference. We’re hoping