January 2021

The toxicity of our beta-amyloid peptide oligomers is confirmed in vivo in elderly mice After several months’ development, several replicated studies show that oligomers of A-beta peptides (whose neurotoxicity in vitro is well documented), induce cognitive deficits in object recognition test and Morris watermaze in the weeks following intracerebroventricular injection in 18-month-old mice. We have shown that the administration of A-beta 1-42 oligomers leads to significant memory impairment in the object recognition test: while animals in the vehicle group show a significant

The psoriasis model induced by the chronic application of imiquimod (IMI) proposed by ETAP-Lab reproducibly replicates the key markers of the pathology observed in humans: hyperproliferation of keratinocytes, hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis. At the systemic level, the strong activation of the immune system alongside the increased expression of characteristic cytokines such as IL-6, Il-17, IL-23 and TNF-alpha is also consistent with human pathology. Psoriasis is not, however, limited to these parameters classically measured in animals. Indeed, the skin discomfort induced by