October 2018

New ETAP-Lab studies on TEMISIS’ drug candidate TEM1657 for Psoriasis ETAP-Lab performed new studies for the account of TEMISIS on a mouse imiquimod-induced psoriasis model. The output of these studies showed that TEM1657 brings remarkable effects on psoriasis: • Higher efficacy compared to the reference molecule • No side effects • Oral administration, which is new for the psoriasis treatment The French biotech company “Temesis”, subsidiary of Plant Advanced Technologies, recently published a new press release to announce these new promising preclinical results on psoriasis

ETAP-Lab supports Plant Advanced Technologies in the development of its TEM1657 compound for the treatment of psoriasis TEM1657 is a drug candidate discovered and optimized by Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT), a French Biotech company based in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy. The preclinical studies perfomed with TEM1657 in Etap-Lab's model of psoriasis in mice have demonstrated a similar efficacy to that of corticosteroids, the current reference of the market, but without their undesirable side effects. The results have been presented for the first time at the BIO convention in San Diego (USA)

Jean-François Bisson, Head of the Department of Dermatology at ETAP-Lab, was present last week at the 18th Global Dermatology Congress in Budapest, Hungary. Researchers from Europe but also from other non-European countries (USA, India, Jordan, Indonesia…) participated to this congress as well. Therefore, most recent advances have been presented concerning the diagnosis and the treatment of several pathologies including wound healing, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, facial rejuvenation and skin bleaching. A focus on the use of bioengineered skin for preclinical and clinical

The position: ETAP-Lab invites applications for an exciting young researcher permanent position in research and development of a new models in neurodegenerative disease. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative research environment with academical interactions. The first two years, the candidate will be dedicated to the project BIOPROLOR2*; it is a public-private consortium which aims at discovering new plant-derived molecules with health benefits to speed up the development of innovative drugs and active ingredients. ETAP-Lab leads the strategic axis of