Etap Lab

Newsletter #2

ETAP-Lab supports Plant Advanced Technologies in the development of its TEM1657 compound for the treatment of psoriasis

TEM1657 is a drug candidate discovered and optimized by Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT), a French Biotech company based in Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy.

The preclinical studies perfomed with TEM1657 in Etap-Lab’s model of psoriasis in mice have demonstrated a similar efficacy to that of corticosteroids, the current reference of the market, but without their undesirable side effects. The results have been presented for the first time at the BIO convention in San Diego (USA) last summer, and led to the creation of TEMESIS, a PAT subsidiary dedicated to the development of this very promising anti-psoriatic compound.

ETAP-Lab continues to provide PAT and TEMESIS with preclinical services to support the development of TEM1657.

Figure 1: Psoriasis severity score (PASI = Psoriasis Area Severity Index) observed in mice during the experiment


Figure 2: Photographs of representative mice from each group of treatment(A=Vehicle/Vehicle, B=IMI/Vehicle, C=IMI/TEM1657-X, D=IMI/TEM1657-Y, E=IMI/Dermoval)



ETAP-Lab has strong experience in the field of dermatology research by developing a wide portfolio of original in vivomodels.

With total transparency, our expertise and know-how include:
– Respecting chronobiology and animal well-being
– Considering chronopharmacology during treatments
– Evaluating animal behavior to confirm beneficial/ adverse effects of treatments